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  • Low spatter control continues to evolve

  • High precision pulse control (400VP1/700VH1)

  • Intuition manipulation to use without hesitation

  • Easily set welding conditions

  • Output each data to support quality and on-site management

Model Comparison Table


Low spatter control continues to evolve

Significantly reduced spatter in the CO2 Chuuden basin by new MTS control

Waveform control increases the arc force during the arc period, reduces micro short circuits that occur during the arc period, and realizes low spatter. In addition, the welding current immediately before and after disconnection is steeply and harshly discharged, and the short circuit or arc is smoothly transitioned to reduce spatter. reduce the turf.

Welding Current: 200A Voltage: 22.0V Welding Speed: 40 cm/min

Low spatter in MAG/MIG welding by new SP control

It realizes beautiful bead appearance and low spatter for MAG welding and MIG welding.

Base material: mild steel (after plate (plate thickness): 2.3mm)
Joint: Fillet
Welding Current: 130 A 16.8 V

Welding speed: 30 cm/min
Wire: YM-50MT (φ 1.2 mm)
Gas: MAG (Ar80%+CO2)

CO2/MAG welding machine lineup

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