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350 / 500 PIM

It boasts a complex process and flawless welding performance, and offers 15% higher power efficiency compared to conventional designs. Built with increased productivity and job site mobility in mind, it provides precise arc performance for environments where integrated quality is an issue. It guarantees excellent arc ignition and welding performance, allowing you to increase welding time and reduce welding spatter cleaning time.
The MIG range provides perfect welding power for basic MIG/MAG welding in heavy industry. Three power choices in the wire feeder and other product lines allow you to create the right combination of welding equipment for different needs.

field of application

Various fields of use

Steel, construction, plants, steel structures, electric circuits, aluminum semiconductor precision parts, etc.

Applicable base material

Used for stainless steel, carbon steel, brass sheet, aluminum sheet, galvanic, manganese, electrolytic plate, rare metal and many other metal plates

applied photo

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