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· Supports 3 cable management systems
· External cable management system
· External torch cables and wires
(+) Large, hence good wire curvature
Spacious interior due to (-) cable weight and movement

· Through-arm cable management system
· Pass the torch cable and wire through the hollow shaft.
(+) Small interior due to external cable

· (-) Troubled wire management
· Individual cable management
Torch cable thru female wire (externally placed)
(+) large, hence good wire curvature

(+) Low inside due to reduced cable weight


Panasonic presents the TM welding robot series, a completely new generation of robots.
Customers have the freedom to decide whether to use an externally or internally mounted torch cable to suit their application requirements.
The robot series also provides coordinated movements for positioning the welding torch through an extremely robust arm structure and improved efficient servo motors.
An all-new, high-resolution encoder works in conjunction with the high-rigidity arm, enabling TM robots to improve path accuracy. This makes TM robots optimally suited to the requirements of flexible and efficient welding processes.

Separate type (TM series)

Stable wire feeding is achieved by distributing wire bends between the feeder and torch body.

The power cable is built into the manipulator to mitigate interference to the surroundings.

Motion range drawing/external dimensions

Manipulator Standard Specification

Key Specifications and Options

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