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3500 / 5000 PIM

The 3500/5000 PIM has a patented digital control system to provide an accurate and stable welding arc. It can perform demanding welding for all metals and processes including thick plate welding, pipe and root welding, and thin plate welding.
3500/5000PIM is capable of double pulse welding. The standard program is suitable for a variety of materials including Steel, CrNi1886, CrNi 199, Alu, AlSi5,AlMg 5, CuSi3, CuAl9 filler wires. Choice of inlet wire type, size and plate thickness and welds. At the end of a typical welding job, the 50-channel memory function makes it quick and easy to start welding without the need to re-adjust settings.
Suitable for synergistic pulse MIG/MAG, synergistic MIG/MAG, lift-TIG, TIG pulse and MMA welding at DC current. The TMP 3500/5000 offers both technical and commercial welding solutions for applications ranging from sheet metal fabrication to the heavy industry sector. The 3500/5000 power is a digitized microprocessor controlled inverter power supply. The 3500/5000 features an integral 4-roller drive. All models feature multiprocessor units, touch-down ignition capability, and manual metal arc welding.

field of application

Various fields of use

Steel, construction, plants, steel structures, electric circuits, aluminum semiconductor precision parts, etc.

Applicable base material

Used for stainless steel, carbon steel, brass sheet, aluminum sheet, galvanic, manganese, electrolytic plate, rare metal and many other metal plates

applied photo

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